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I have noticed a site (I use that term loosely) referring to the Tornadoes that took place in South Australia and refering to them and their associated damage in the EF Scale or The Enhanced Fujita scale (EF-Scale) rates the intensity of tornadoes in the United States and Canada based on the damage they cause.

For the correct information here in Australia we DO NOT use the EF Scale we still use the Fujita F-scalewhich.
Tornadoes are ranked using the estimates wind speed based on the extent and severity of damage.

Live Electricity Consumption - ECA

Severe Weather Update: intense low pressure system and cold front, 28 September 2016

Hail in Cleve, Eastern Eyre Peninsula SA.

taken in Cleve, Eastern Eyre Peninsula SA

Video Credit: Cherylynn Dreckow (Twitter)

South Australia to be battered with 120km/h winds and up to 100mm of rain.

Poor South Australia at present is getting smashed, please check warnings on the BoM page regularly.

"Strong to gale-force west to south-westerly winds averaging 50-65 kph with gusts about 90-100 kph are expected to develop behind the front during Wednesday," a bureau statement said.

"These winds may cause damage to trees and property.

"Following the front, an intense low pressure system will move across the Bight towards the SA coast with strong gale-force winds impacting western parts.

Weather Fronts, What are they?

Weather fronts

Weather fronts mark the boundary between two air masses, which often have contrasting properties. For example, one air mass may be cold and dry and the other air mass may be relatively warm and moist. These differences produce a reaction in a zone known as a front.

Gale force winds and heavy rain to affect southern Australia.

SEVERE WEATHER UPDATE: Gale force winds and heavy rain to affect southern Australia. Video current at 3pm AEST 27 September 2016.

For latest weather and warnings info visit our website and follow advice from emergency services.

SE QLD Chase - Unseen RAW footage 2016.

Severe Weather Update: Rain and flooding in eastern Australia, 20 September 2016

BoM - Severe Weather Update: Rain & flooding in central & eastern Australia, 16/9/16