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Sunday will see wind to strengthen in Victoria, South Australia to around 50km/h in the early morning with isolated strong gusts possible mainly along the coastal areas for that.

Heavy rainfall possible, Tas will cope the brunt of winds, rain and snow. Hail showers are possible.

Again going back to my post yesterday we will stand to know more tomorrow. At this stage TAS will do the best with snow "possible" down to sea level, 400 metres in VIC and 700 metres in southern NSW Tuesday and early Wednesday morning.

Take it with a grain of salt so to speak as this is just a typical strong winter setup which we have seen in years previous.

Sadly I have doubts you will see the abominable snow man walking through the streets of Bowral....

I feel there will be allot of "it's snowing" when in fact its just an accumulation of small hail.

That's the thoughts so far... Nothing Premium about it.