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SSA Facebook Changes

Hi Followers, To make things a little easier for us and everyone from now moving forward we will not be posting each warning.

Official Warnings can be found at:

We will be doing our own "heads up" or observations in posts on the page as normal. As storm seasons approaches this will allow the most relevant information to be available on our page whilst also not bombarding your news feed.

Heavy Rainfall & Strong Winds batter the NSW Coast particularly in the NE.

Well a ECL is forming just off Grafton this afternoon as rainfall of 60mm so far has caused minor flooding in area's like Kempsey in Northern NSW.
Strong winds are battering the NSW coastal areas with an average of 60-80km/h gusts as show on the Weatherzone Map.

No doubt the Bureau of Meteorology will up date its warnings accordingly this afternoon. We will pass them on when they do.

In the meantime please take it easy on the road's in the NE where it is raining and for the rest of us please secure loose items in the backyard.

Potential ECL to bring Wind & Rain with Large Surf.

The Bureau of Meteorology has released a warning included below of the up and coming Severe weather to affect parts of the Queensland coast and NSW coast. NE NSW is set to bare the brunt easing the further south you go.

As is typical of a East Coast Low event it will depend very much on where the low forms as too who gets the most rainfall and wind. 24 hour totals of in excess of 100 mm are possible, with winds up to 100km/h.

Details of the warning are below:


Sunday will see wind to strengthen in Victoria, South Australia to around 50km/h in the early morning with isolated strong gusts possible mainly along the coastal areas for that.

Heavy rainfall possible, Tas will cope the brunt of winds, rain and snow. Hail showers are possible.

Again going back to my post yesterday we will stand to know more tomorrow. At this stage TAS will do the best with snow "possible" down to sea level, 400 metres in VIC and 700 metres in southern NSW Tuesday and early Wednesday morning.

QLD gets some relief, Flood waters could take time to reduced. Focus shifts to NSW. 9:00pm 19th June 2016.

The situation is easing in QLD & SE QLD with the Bureau of Meteorology issuing cancellations to both their warnings in the area and the latest radar shows activity moving in to New South Wales and off the Queensland coast. Water spouts off the Queensland coast are still possible though seeing one at night could be tricky!

Emergency services, Energex on scene here in Akeringa Place - Mooloolaba QLD

Severe Thunderstorms move in to NSW with the BoM issuing a warning. 7:45 pm Sunday, 19 June 2016.


For people in the
Northern Rivers and parts of the
Northern Tablelands Forecast Districts.
Issued at 7:45 pm Sunday, 19 June 2016.

Severe thunderstorms and very heavy showers are likely to produce heavy rainfall that may lead to flash flooding in the warning area over the next several hours. Locations which may be affected include Lismore, Grafton, Casino, Kyogle, Yamba and Maclean.

Possible Tornado Damage - Mooloolaba QLD


The Queensland Police Service has issued information and from local reports it would appear a Possible Tornado / Waterspout has passed through the Mooloolaba area.
Significant damage to homes reported including some that have lost their roofs. A large area remains without power this evening as well as road closures and trees down.

**This is an unfolding event**

**Video -

Storm Spotters Australia Continues to Monitor this Rain Event. Falls exceeding 150mm have been recorded. 6:30pm Sunday 19th June 2016

Spotters Australia Continues to Monitor this Rain Event. Falls exceeding 100mm have been recorded. 6:30pm Sunday 19th June 2016

ECL Update - 19/06/16 - 18:30 HOURS

Up to 50mm of rain has already fallen in the Illawarra whilst in SE QLD falls of 150mm have easily been reached.
There is a heightened risk of water spouts/tornadic activity with this event.

Rest of Sunday:
We see a split low setup with one situated just south of Sydney and the other inland northern NSW.
Again this is a quite fast moving system so only expect 6-18hrs of Action

SE QLD Hammer by Rain. 6:07 pm Sunday, 19 June 2016.

Kenmore recorded 68mm in 1 hour.
Greenhill recorded 65mm in 1 hour.
Forestdale recorded 69mm in 1 hour.

For people in the Redland City and parts of the Logan, Scenic Rim, Gold Coast, Brisbane City and Moreton Bay Council Areas.
Issued at 6:07 pm Sunday, 19 June 2016.