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ECL Update - 17/06/16

ECL Update - 17/06/16

Ok, Well we are starting to get some idea of what may take place over Saturday/Sunday and in to Monday with this setup.
Please note ECL's are very hard to predict depending on their track.

At this stage we will see a trough deepen and develop into to a low pressure system on Saturday afternoon and in to the evening bringing heavy rainfall to Central QLD & SE QLD. This system is set to track approximately SSE.

Rainfall of 50-100mm is likely with local heavier falls possible under any thunderstorms which may develop.
Winds at this stage don't look to be a big factor with around 40-60km/h winds looking like the average.

Will see the low track in to Northern NSW in the early hours/morning and should be located nearly Sydney sometime afternoon evening. This a quite fast moving system so only expect 6-12hrs of drama.
Depending on the low's position winds could become quite strong to gale force at times, rain fall again will be dependant of the positioning I would suggest falls of 100-150mm are quite likely with heavier isolated falls under any embedded thunderstorms.

Should see the tracking off the south coast of NSW in the early hours sliding to the SSE as it goes, coastal winds will be strong o gale fore with heavy rain fall along the coast. Flooding is possible overnight Sunday in to Monday.

Places like Canberra might pick up 50mm whilst the coast could see up to 200mm from Saturday to Monday again local heavier falls possible.

***NOTES: This event is ever changing and VERY dependant on the positioning of the low when it forms. This can make a massive different to how much rain/wind places will get.
We will continue to monitor the situation and provide you with updates as we can over the weekend.
If local flooding occurs please stay OUT of flood water.

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