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ECL Update - 19/06/16

ECL Update - 19/06/16

All is calm in the Illawarra/ Shoalhaven and South Coast as they await the arrival of a deepening low pressure system later this evening.

There is a highented risk of water spouts/tornadic activity with this event.

Please note ECL's are very hard to predict depending on their track.

Will see the deepening low track in to Northern NSW this morning and should be located to the north of Sydney by this afternoon before jetting south along the eastern seaboard.

Bureau of Meteorology issue Severe Weather Warning for NSW. 18/6/16


For people in the
Illawarra and
South Coast Forecast Districts.
Issued at 3:59 pm Saturday, 18 June 2016.

ECL Update - 18/06/16

ECL Update - 18/06/16

Well things are now going to start to ramp up for this event, please see the details below also the BoM have issued a Severe Weather Warning which is posted on the page.
Please note ECL's are very hard to predict depending on their track.

ECL Update - 17/06/16

ECL Update - 17/06/16

Ok, Well we are starting to get some idea of what may take place over Saturday/Sunday and in to Monday with this setup.
Please note ECL's are very hard to predict depending on their track.

At this stage we will see a trough deepen and develop into to a low pressure system on Saturday afternoon and in to the evening bringing heavy rainfall to Central QLD & SE QLD. This system is set to track approximately SSE.

15/16 Season Ep3 - Local Chase Gerringong - Thursday, ‎21 ‎January ‎2016

This storm caused damage to cars, local flash flooding and micro burst activity. Most damage occurred between Berry and Gerringong.

15/16 Season Ep2 - Riverina Chase 31st Oct/1st Nov 2015

A quite memorable 2 day chase to the western parts of NSW where on day one brought a super cell and near death and day two seen one of the most amazing shelf/gust fronts I have ever seen.

15/16 Season Ep1 - SE QLD Chase 28/29th 2015

South East Queensland Chase 28/29th of November 2015. All the highlands, the moments in this epic 12 Minute video.

Best Viewed in HD

This is a first in a series of video of our 2015/16 season with a new episode being released each week!

Please like our page, share to support us.

Music - Paul Van Dyk - Nothing But You (PVD Radio Mix) &
Survivor - Eye Of The Tiger

Windellema/Bungonia Chase - 12/03/16

A 7 Minute video of the highlights from the Windellema/Bungonia Chase which had Micro Busts, Up to 3cm hail and damaging winds.

Best viewed in HD as always.

Southern Tablelands Chase 03/03/16 (Highlights)

A 2 minute sample highlights package from my chase on the Southern Tablelands on the 03/03/16
As always best viewed in HD on a PC.

** Forbes Creek Tornado** - 30/01/16

** Forbes Creek Tornado** - 30/01/16

This is my damage assessment along with live interviews, photos and video of the event. I would rate this a Mid EF2 tornado by the damage.

I wish all those who lost their home or had them damaged a speedy recovery however speaking to the locals on the ground this could be a long process with the possibility of some insurance company's not covering the event.

Best Viewed in HD