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Marginal Chase - 19/10/15

Good Evening,
Today has been a frustrating storm day with some nice little short lived cells quite early in the afternoon being very lightning active.

After a quick pit stop to Wollongong I headed down the Hume Hwy to what looked like an area of convergence.

There was some nice LP storms in the area however allot of them formed in no mans land or places with limited road options.

Was of a small storm which strengthen surprisingly to produce a couple of bolt and then turn in to a CC banger before dying east of Goulburn.

Local Chase - 06/10/15 Highlights Package

06/10/15 Storms - Here is a little 50 Seconds highlights package from my local chase from this day.

Catalyst - Wind (2014)

A fantastic little segment on Wind from Thursday, 30 October 2014 on Catalyst ABC.

Reported & Produced by Jonica Newby
Edited by Vaughan Smith

30/09/15 - More thunder for QLD

30/09/15 - More thunder for QLD

A slow moving trough over QLD is set to generate some more afternoon thunderstorm for QLD particularly inland QLD with more stronger storms set to form in south eastern QLD.

Today won't see a big as action as yesterday's storms which produced over 10,000 lightning strikes and caused flight delays at Brisbane Airport.

Thunderstorms that do develop again today have a risk of damaging winds and hail.

Far northern NSW is not out of the equation for afternoon thunderstorms either.

New Hi-Res Satellite - BoM

**Great News**
The BoM have just released public access to the new Japanese Himiwari 8 satellite it updates every 10 minutes and at very high resolution where previously we had to wait an hour for each new satellite image..

Now its just 10 minutes!!
Click on the link here

Saturday Forecast 26/09/15

Storms possible in South East Queensland and less a chance but not impossible in Northern NSW.

Coastal showers continuing along the NSW coast could be heavier patches about the south coast and up to 50mm for the mid north coast mainly just missing land but still another below average day with cool to cold winds temps along the coast.

Showers and the odd storm possible in South Eastern WA.

All in all I will be happy when this setup finally breaks!

Image(s): Weatherzone

Storm Chase 21/09/15 Highlights - Michael Keene

Here's a 30 second highlights package from yesterdays small chase to Ulladulla with Chris Adams, It contains a couple of nice clean bolts, and some rain bows and time lapses .
Throughout the season I will be posting a short video just like this following each chase.

This particular chase wasn't a bad one,an okay chase to kick the season off, but I'm hoping the quality ramps up come October/ November.
Yesterdays storms were quite weak given the poor moisture situation, however cgs dropped frequently at times from very scrappy cells.

Michael Keene.

Friday Forecast - 25/9/15

FRIDAY 25/9:
Coastal showers contracting more north of Sydney but don't expect the Illawarra and south to stay dry with intermittent showers throughout the day more likely in the early afternoon.

An upper trough over northern QLD will generate some thunder, Thunder can also be expected in the top end.

A front will bring a cooler change to south west WA.

A very cold start tomorrow with places like Crookwell seeing possibly 0 to 2c overnight, Canberra will be a cold place also with 2-3c overnight.

Time Laspe from South of Ulladulla

3 Minute time lapse from the second of two thunderstorms.
From what was an active thunderstorm which produced strong winds, hail and a few nice clear air CG's to an awesome sunset. This was the second storm to pass through that area in that afternoon.

Storms 21/09/15 - Chase to Ulladulla & Back to Gerringong.

Today thankfully started out as quite an nice spring day with average temperatures, we had a trough moving east which in the early afternoon started to create an instability to generate thunderstorms.

Thunderstorms generally were very scattered and pop corn like however there were some areas of interest which had better chances of development.

Early in the afternoon storms around the mid north coast caught a few peoples interest whilst shortly later storms around the Batemans Bay area caught my interest.

3pm **HEADS UP** between & around Batemans Bay to Moruya

3pm **HEADS UP** for the area between and around Batemans Bay to Moruya for possible heavy rain fall, hail and strong winds.

Thursday 17/9/15

Good Morning,
Wide spread offshore thunderstorms are spread right up and down the NSW coast line from around Batemans Bay north to the Queensland boarder.
There are also scattered thunderstorm currently affecting the far northern NSW area.

Today we will see a trough deepen of the NSW coast which may bring some costal showers and thunderstorms, in South East Queensland/Northern NSW a lingering trough is also generating showers and scattered thunderstorms.

Forecast Tues 15/9 & Wed 16/9

A trough is triggering scattered thunderstorms in southern NSW and Victoria, damaging winds are possible mainly associated with thunderstorms.

Showers are also possible along with a odd rumble chance for the NSW coast between the far south coast and Sydney increasing chances by afternoon/evening.

A few light showers for the far north Queensland coast, A low is generating winds and showers for southern Western Australia.

There is a good chance off some offshore lightning this evening for the NSW coast.

WEEKEND OUTLOOK 11th to 13th of Sept.


Ok turning the heat up just a little more, A large high pressure system will dominate over south eastern Australia again bringing dry condition's.

A front will drag warm northerly winds in to South Australia, this front will also bring cooler winds and a few showers to southern WA. Again a few light showers/drizzle possible for the QLD coast mainly in the north.

Waterfalls - Behind the Photography

A 7 Minute Video getting up close a personal with some waterfalls after the recent heavy rains in the Morton National Park.