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Far South Coast Lightning Show

This evening the 18/12/14 storm chaser Michael Keene and fellow SSA Team Member was lucky enough to take up position south of Merimbula.

He was greeted with a rather mundane experience at first but as patience persisted he was lucky enough to experience an amazing CC (Cloud to Cloud) lightning show.

He would estimate 100 flashes / Min. Sadly after dark scud cloud moved in a destroyed most of the view.

He was able to capture a few CG's (Cloud to Ground)

Site Issues

Hi All, Just to let you know we are having some technical issues with our warnings feed. Please check our Facebook page or for current warning information.

I hope to have this fixed asap.
**QUICK UPDATE - I have the feed working on the main page though it is running a little behind, it is working in the weather warnings page but not posting in order. The last post is the newest.

Still working on a fix for this at present.

Tornadoes in Australia - 2015 Update

At present the data for 2015 is still being updated and of course the year isn't over yet but the Bureau of Meteorology has listed 2 Tornado events thus far for the year with both being in Victoria :-
2015-02-23 - In Sheppaton Victoria, several eye witnesses seen a tornado and damage was recorded. There also was evidence of strong meso-scale on radar.
2015-02-28 - Hepburn Courier in Victoria reports of tornado 150m wide by couple of km

The Bureau of Meteorology has updated their data and there were 6 recorded Tornadoes in 2014, They are:-