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About Us

We travel around Australia though based in NSW to spot serve weather as a hobby to share with the community, We also report any major findings to the Bureau of Meteorology

As each chase goes by We are able to further our experience at chasing and hopefully improve photos and videos We are able to capture of the events.
We are Experienced Storm Spotters with over 550,000 kms and 65 year's combined experience covered.

Our Admin's pose a high level of success through the knowledge they have and an on the ground feel for storms and knowing when and where to be at exactly the right moment!

The team is simply among the best Hobbyists and Chasers, with 65 yrs experience! On our Storm Spotters Australia website, you can view photographs and video of spectacular storms intercepted by us and photos sent in by you!

Our website also offers a live radar, our twitter feed as well as photos you have sent in plus our own Gallery

Storm Spotters Australia is based in two locations with one in the Shoalhaven on the South Coast, which is 45 minutes East of Moss Vale and 90 minutes from the ACT and the other based in Ardlethan in the Riverina NSW, we can cover a large portion of our Coverage Area, at a moments notice!

This website was created as an avenue to share our thunderstorm footage, images and updates of various severe weather events.
Please enjoy our site and feel free to ask any questions, All items are Copyright to their respective owners.


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From the SSA Team!