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To Bust or Not to Bust

Today was a very difficult chase day with storms in places where they were unlikely. Due to the holidays and moving at 40km/h along the Princes Hwy I decided to take gamble and role the dice and headed west out towards Nerriga. I was greeted with some ok activity just to the SW of Braidwood and so on I drove.

After finding a nice spot away from the road noise and people I set up camp, This allowed me to intercept a very small rain squall which moved through from there the action was hard to pick so I played for a move to the north towards Goulburn and arrived at Tarago.

After a quick check of the situation I decided to head back for the coast as conditions were just creating something special and something special they did!

Small hail, gusty winds and a very nice shelf cloud not to mention the amazing anvil from my view.

I was lucky enough to have a view from behind which lead to a couple of fantastic shots, I headed home via Culburra Beach to grab a couple of quick shots of the off shore action.

In all 1/10 but the question playing in my mind is do I a call it a bust chase or not......