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A difficult and frustrating day

I had a small storm chase today.

Storm 1 was my best of the day( pictured below) It was the storm that initiated near Marulen and moved into Nowra. This storm created some distant cgs west of Nowra, I counted about a dozen of them. Thunder from the storm was constant. This storm morphed into a line of cells and became rather unphotogenic as it rapidly became an outflow mess...

Storm 2 was another line between Moss Vale and Mittagong. I originally sat at Mt gibraltar lookout hoping I could nail a bolt peppering Bowral. However as I re positioned to Mittagong the storm chucked out 3 fantastic and close CGs into the clear air with canon blast thunder. I nailed one of these on video.

Storm 3 was in Bargo. This cell chucked out some big clear air CGs as I was driving up the freeway towards it, and as the cell moved overhead I enjoyed some nice close lightning with many bolts within 2-3kms away. Unfortunately I was unable to nail the elusive flang.

All in all a difficult and frustrating day.

Michael Keene.