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Squall Line Thunderstorms bring damaging winds to SE QLD

Yesterday, Monday 17/10/16 we saw a line of thunderstorms develop over South East Queensland in the afternoon, These thunderstorms brought damaging winds of 89km/h were recorded at Dalby at 3:04pm on the Darling Downs as they raced east towards the coast before disbursing out to sea and official warnings cancelled around 6pm.

The winds left many homes without power and sent trampolines flying. A man Near Toowoomba was injured when a tree branch hit him.

Does this mark the first real storms for the beginning of storm season for South East Queensland? Today (Tuesday 18/10/16) will see a chance of further thunderstorm activity in South East Queensland thanks to a trough moving through, again damaging winds remain a threat if storms develop today.

Later on in the week on Friday will see a trough in the east bring showers and potentially severe storms in western QLD and NSW.

Image: Weatherzone