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Rain brings renewed flood warnings - 17/10/16

**Rain brings renewed flood warnings**

The Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology has again issued flood watches for Tasmania, Victoria, and flood warnings for parts of Queensland and New South Wales.

A combination of fronts this week will see rain fall on already saturated ground, one moving over Monday in to Tuesday and again later in the week Thursday to Friday.

These will trigger scattered thunderstorm and bring potentially damaging winds as well, Thursday/Friday could see rainfall totals up to 50mm+ particularly in northern NSW however due to the already water logged grounds and rivers and streams already under stress areas of rainfall as little as 10mm could see minor flooding being triggered.

The following Watches/Warnings are current:

For QLD currently:
Minor Flood Warning for Eyre Creek
Flood Warning for the lower Diamantina River

For NSW Currently:
Flood Warning for Bogan River,
Flood Warning for Lachlan River,
Flood Warning for Murrumbidgee River,
Flood Warning for Murray River,
Flood Warning for Warrego River,
Flood Warning for Barwon-Darling River Downstream of Burke,
Initial Minor Flood Warning for the Murray River upstream of Lake Hume.

For VIC Currently:
Flood Warning for Murray River,

Flood Watch for West and South Gippsland Catchments,
Flood Watch for Greater Melbourne,
Flood Watch for the Barwon Basin,
Flood Watch for the Glenelg and Hopkins Basin,
Flood Watch for North East Victoria,
Flood Watch for the Goulburn and Broken Basins,
Flood Warning Summary for Victoria,
Minor Flood Warning for the Kiewa River,
Minor Flood Warning for the Broken Creek,
Minor Flood Warning for the Loddon River,
nitial Minor Flood Warning for the Murray River upstream of Lake Hume.

For TAS Currently:
Flood Warning Summary (TAS),
Final Flood Warning for the Huon River,
Flood Watch - Tasmania (TAS),

Don't forget to check regularly for updates via:

For information on being flood safe visit: and if you require assistance cal 132 500 or 000 in an emergency.

With strong gusty winds on the cards also at time please take caution and secure loose items and of course if you do come across flood waters DO NOT DRIVE IN TO THEM “IF ITS FLOODED, FORGET IT”

We will continue to monitor the situation and update as we can, at time of typing there were falls of 25mm had being recorded in north east NSW (17/10/16 – 2:45pm) and wind gusts of 60km/h had been observed earlier how these may be stronger under any thunderstorm which developes.