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Scattered Thunderstorm Activity, Possible Offshore Rumble...

As per yesterday we will see scattered thunderstorm activity become more widespread particular in NSW, these thunderstorms will mainly stay west of the divide which is sad news for those of use who live on the coast.
Peak time will be mid to late afternoon.

However I would not rule out an offshore rumble or too late afternoon/evening. 10-15% chance now.
There is the chance again of Severe thunderstorms tomorrow with damaging winds, heavy rain and large hail all possible again mainly on the western ranges and northern VIC.

Will see heavy rain fall of around 20-50mm in SE QLD and North eastern NSW mainly near the QLD boarder region.
Thunderstorms with damaging winds are possible as is hail, rainfall totals under thunderstorms could see flash flooding.
Scattered showers for VIC, TAS and South East SA.

Don't for get to keep an eye on: for all the latest warnings.