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Tornadoes in Australia - 2015 Update

At present the data for 2015 is still being updated and of course the year isn't over yet but the Bureau of Meteorology has listed 2 Tornado events thus far for the year with both being in Victoria :-
2015-02-23 - In Sheppaton Victoria, several eye witnesses seen a tornado and damage was recorded. There also was evidence of strong meso-scale on radar.
2015-02-28 - Hepburn Courier in Victoria reports of tornado 150m wide by couple of km

The Bureau of Meteorology has updated their data and there were 6 recorded Tornadoes in 2014, They are:-

2014-11-22 - A tornado and associated extensive crop damage in a band extending from Yelta (Victoria) through to Gol Gol North (SW NSW).
2014-11-05 - Gunnedah with reports of a "small tornado".
2014-12-04 - A "brief" tornado in Bundanoon on the Southern Highlands.
2014-07-14 - Tornadoes in Perth which were generated by a cold front which passed over the south west, this event also produced isolated severe weather over other locations.
2014-09-07 - The passage of two strong cold fronts produced widespread, mainly minor damage, over southern WA. The first front moved through southern WA from late Sunday into Monday and produced the most damage. Given the damage path, it is likely that a tornado moved through Forrestfield (suburb, southeast of Perth). The second front moved through south west WA from Monday afternoon to early Tuesday.
2014-11-22 - Tornado damage was observed at Gol Gol Bend with Destructive storms, localised hail and intense rain reported, though not with any specific detail. AWS no report of severity.

In 2013 the Bureau of Meteorology recorded 28 confirmed Tornadoes touched down throughout Australia.

Some of the most memorable were where several Tornadoes struck the Bundaberg region of Queensland on the 26th of Jan where six people were injured.

The town of Burnett Heads was struck by three separate tornadoes!

Another one which comes to mind is the Tornado which moved through the Sydney area causing extensive damage particularly to the Sydney Flying Squadron. It had estimated wind speeds of 135km/h as it moved over the suburbs of Kirribilli, Chifley, Malabar and Randwick.

One of the most heard about Tornado outbreaks in 2013 was the series of Tornadoes which moved through the Illawarra/Shoalhaven region on the 24th of February in 2013 causing significant damage to the Suburbs of Kiama, Seven Mile Beach area through to Nowra as well as Jamberoo and part of Albion Park Rail.

The tornado which left a path of destruction from Seven Mile Beach to Nowra was rated at and EF2 (Wind speeds of 200km/h).

and finally one of the most serious outbreaks of Tornadoes where 7 made touched down on the 21st of March 2013 in North Eastern Victoria and Southern NSW.

One tornado that touched down that day was rated to a massive EF4 (Wind Speed of 267–322km/h) which tore through the towns of Koonoomoo, Coobram, Barooga, Mulwala, Yarrawonga and Bundalong in VIC.

A another massive EF3 tornado was also recorded that day which mowed through the towns of Tamleugh, Euroa & Swanpool.

This day 20 people suffered injuries requiring hospitalisation, The EF4 tornado is believed to have been the most powerful tornado to have ever hit the state of Victoria.

Between 1982 and the end of (Feb) 2015 there have been 636 recorded Tornadoes touch down or Tronadic Activity by the Bureau in Australia.

Many more happen in remote places and go unreported.


Image: Tornado near York in Western Australia.